Food Equipment

Our FEI Food Equipment Division evolved internally to meet the growing demand for stringent specialty products. The majority of custom equipment manufactured by this division either packages or directly handles many of the foods you find in your local market place.     Anticipating the demand for packaging equipment, the Food Equipment Division engineered the …

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The FEI Robotics Division is the branch of Faith’s electronics, engineering, mechanics and software technologies that deals with the design, construction, operation and application of robots and related peripherals. Faith’s automation systems use the latest reliable technology and designs to exceed our customer’s challenges and goals. Once our customers’ objectives are understood, the equipment is …

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FEI Solutions embodies a wide range of products and related services. The custom designed and built equipment uses the leading technology within our customers industry to reduce waste, cycle-times, while improving manufacturing flexibility. For each and every client, it is our strategic commitment to understand, learn and perform for our customer’s industry. FEI Solutions’ engineers …

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