Food Equipment

Our FEI Food Equipment Division evolved internally to meet the growing demand for stringent specialty products. The majority of custom equipment manufactured by this division either packages or directly handles many of the foods you find in your local market place.



Anticipating the demand for packaging equipment, the Food Equipment Division engineered the FEI110 platform series to handle smaller product sizes or production runs at an economic cost. The FEI1000 is another platform series on the opposite side of the spectrum. This monster packages four aligned packages per cycle at a rate of 180 ppm. Quality products and packaging drive the need for higher production.

From the higher production needs arose direct food cutting equipment. Development of this solution lead to new platforms, including the FEI400, FEI500FEI610 & FEI700 series. The FEI400 platform provides a single-push horizontal-acting cutting process with fast change-over that’s easy and quick to clean. The FEI500 platform provides a single-push vertical-acting cutting process which has grown to become our most versatile platform for cutting. The versatility of the FEI500 comes from its ability to accept a wide range of harps and also a cuber attachment. The FEI610 series fully incorporates the primary actions of the two previous platforms, which result in a very rigid construction with highly functional harps.

Faith Engineering is located in the middle of the United States’ “breadbasket” — more specifically calling “America’s Dairyland” our home.

Proximity, familiarity and business opportunity inspires us to serve this industry that is so very important to our home.

We are proud of the significant presence our Food Equipment has manifested in the cheese manufacturing and conversion industry, while also serving the mid-western bakery, beverage and meat processors.

Please select a Product from the list below to learn more about it.

This list will expand as we continue to add Existing and New Products.

Pail Lid Applicator

The Pail Lid Applicator, also called a Pail Lidder, applies lids to each pail prior to sealing the lid as they ride along a conveyor. Various sizes of round buckets/lids; 2, 4 & 5 gallon (with other sizes available) are able to run on the same equipment with a 5 minute change-over between different products.

Manufactured of 304 Stainless Steel & Food Safe plastics, designed & assembled to WDA Standards — this machine is ready for direct washdown operations.

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FEI110 Manual Container Sealer

Designed for low-volume high-quality production utilizing common containers sizes ranging from 2 through 9 inches in diameter and heights up to 9.5 inches. A time-proven platform allowing quick and easy tooling changes.

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FEI400 Horizontal Cheese Cutter

Faith’s 400 Series products consist of horizontal single-push cheese cutters while providing a production proven durable modular platform.

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FEI500 Vertical Cheese Cutter

A modular vertical single-push cheese cutter incorporating a variety of harp styles.

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FEI510 Cheese Coring Fixture

The FEI510 uses vertical motion to remove the core from the center of cheese wheels.

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FEI600 Hard Cheese Cutter

The ability to slice through very hard, compact cheese such as parmesan and romano, while still accurately generating the required cut weight. As with all FEI600 Series industrial equipment, the FEI600 incorporates both horizontal and vertical cutting actions. Constructed of stainless steel and UHMW, these components provide 3A Compliance recognition of direct food handling.

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FEI610 Horz + Vert Cheese Cutter

The 600 Series delivers multiple cuts on the same product with a modular design to provide an almost endless platform of possibilities.

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