Specialized Equipment

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Multi-Station Assembly & Inspection System

This system assembles the Gap Compensating Nut Assembly at a rate of 30+ parts per minute, accomplished by rotary motion using an indexing drive. All finished part assemblies are inspected by Cognex cameras. Good part assemblies are deposited into shipping boxes ready to be sealed and labelled, while Bad part assemblies are sorted into totes based on their defect(s).

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FEI6000 CM – Updated (v2 Series)

The FEI6000 CM v2 Series is the next iteration in our advanced semi-automatic column laminating machines; providing greater control and flexibility of the nailing patterns and the ability to save common configurations.

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FEI6000 CM, Column Laminating Machine

The FEI6000 CM is a semi-automatic laminating machine that constructs building columns by utilizing modern technologies to achieve increased quality and production rates while reducing the labor costs associated from manual manufacturing methods.

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