FEI6000 CM – Updated (v2 Series)

FEI6000 CM, Column Laminating Machine

About the FEI6000 CM

The FEI6000 CM was initially designed to reduce and eliminate many of the issues associated with the manufacturing of internal structural components of buildings for material suppliers, lumber yards and contractors. These issues include:

  1. the availability and cost of large dimensionally-sized building lumber,
  2.  the labor costs related to manual construction even with the use of jigs and fixtures,
  3. the lower quality of products resulting from manufactured columns using commercially available lumber relating to straightness and
  4. the inadequate load tolerances caused by inconsistencies from manual manufacturing processes.

As a solution, the FEI6000 CM assembles (or laminates) columns using commercially available lumber which increases the availability of your dimensional-sizing needs. The ability to laminate your own columns allows you to stock commercially available standard lumber sizes which in-turn reduces costs. The machine solution increases operator throughput by implementing more automation within the lamination process which also eliminates rework of incorrectly manufactured columns. This increased throughput and reduction in rework greatly reduces the added labor costs, all with one of the fastest laminating rates on the market today. The final, arguably most important, improvement is an increase in the quality of products produced with very precise and repeatable nail patterns.

FEI6000 CM (V 2.00) - Click for Larger View

FEI6000 CM (V 2.00) – Click for Larger View

Features, Capabilities & Specifications

Our popular FEI6000 CM has met the demands of many of our clients and has been put to its paces in the “real world”. With the announcement of our advanced FEI6000 CM (Version 2 Series) we provide you with even greater flexibility, control and cost savings.


Features & Benefits:

Control & System Management

The principal change of the FEI6000 CM (v2) is its advanced software and control system that provides improved control of your end product, operator safety and overall system efficiency, plus an option for remote system communications to help avoid downtime!


Database Capacities:
Column Configurations (or Settings):
Nail Patterns:
Splice Patterns:
Guided Recipe Setup:

Version 2 Series’ Features & Options

Faith Engineering, Inc. is committed to flexibility, professionalism and teamwork — qualities which embody the seamless relationship between all areas of our service and support. With this in mind, we strive to continuously improve our products and service, even with our superior product offerings such as the  FEI6000 CM.


Software / Control System:
5th Ply:
Height Verification:
Automatic Stacking Tilt Station:
Cant Sizer / Planer:
Infeed Assistance for Glued Laminations:

Literature Downloads


* System includes a 120+ page manual; 30+ pages of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical drawings. *




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