Custom & Production Machining

Faith utilizes both CNC machining centers and manual machines to manufacture parts per customer or internally generated drawings. Custom and short to medium length production runs are machined on our array of lathes, mills and grinders. Our welding and fabrication work stations along with press brakes and shears provide a wide variety of capabilities to manufacture simple to complex parts. The parts are made from various materials such as various grades of steel, tool steels, stainless steels, aluminum and plastics, which are either provided by the customer or purchased by Faith.


Precision calibrated gauges, inspection equipment and frequent part sampling ensures you get the right fit, the first time.

Our capable machinists have a great deal of experience using a range of;

  • carbon steels and alloy grades such as 1018, 1045, 1144, 12L14, 1215, 4140, 5150 & 8620
  • polymers such as UHMW, nylon & acetal/Delron
  • stainless steel alloy grades such as 304, 316, 17-4 PH & 420
  • tool steel grades such as A2, D2, O1 & S7
  • non-ferrous alloys such as Aluminum grades of 2024, 5052, 6061 & 7075, Brass grades of 360 & 464, and Bronze grades of 660 & 841
**  The materials listed are our most commonly used but are not the limit of our capabilities.

Reverse Engineering & Repair

Faith has the knowledge and capabilities to repair your damaged or broken machine components, reducing your downtime. By measuring and inspecting broken and worn out parts, drawings are generated which can be used to recreate identical replacement parts. Depending on the repair work needs, some portions may be welded and machined to recreate the original part features. A great example of restoring a part to its original functionality is the welding and machining of material on a shaft that was damaged by wear from a failed bearing or seal.


About Machine Shops

Our Machine Shop is a set of buildings with multiple machine tools/work centers, various other equipment and skilled labour to manufacture and/or repair parts. The production can consist of cutting, shaping, drilling, finishing, etc. We also function as a Job Shop by handling job production as a custom/bespoke or semi-custom/bespoke manufacturing process. Some manufactured parts are manually machined while others are more automated. Automation starts with computer numerical control (CNC) machines and leads to computer-integrated manufacturing where production and production design are integrated into CAD/CAM. [1] [2]

Haas ST-45 Slant-Bed CNC Lathe

The slant bed style lathe with its 34.5″ swing, large 7″ hole through spindle, additional horsepower (2,100 ft-lb @ 150 rpm), 12-station bolt-on turret — provides even larger part production with faster turn around.

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Haas VF-3 Vertical CNC Machining Center

Our new enclosed style Haas VF-3 CNC Mill, with travels of 40″ X 20″ X 25″ (x,y & z) & 20-station carousel tool changer, increases our custom & production manufacturing capabilities. Quick part turn-around is achieved by reduced setup and tool change time utilizing the 20-station umbrella tool changer.

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1922 Rumely 20-40-G Oil Pull Tractor Wheel Restoration

Custom machining century old 48″ diameter cast-iron front tractor wheels.

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ML26 Toolroom / Production Lathe

Another addition to the vast capabilities of FEI’s machining division is the Milltronics ML26 Toolroom / Production Lathe.
One of the areas largest CNC Lathes and the skills to operate, ready for your next challenge!

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RH33 Rigid Head Toolroom Bed Mill

FEI is proud to announce the addition of the new Milltronics RH33 Rigid Head Toolroom Bed Mill. With travels of 78″ X 33″ X 28″ (x,y & z) — a machining window that is larger than most.
Larger capacity, fewer set-ups equals more cost effective. The RH33 is a massive rigid way frame machine with a 70 mm spindle.

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Waterjet Cutting

A waterjet is a tool capable of slicing into metal or other materials (such as UHMW) using a mixture of water and an abrasive substance. Considered a “green’ technology as it does not produce hazardous waste, reducing waste disposal costs. Accurate, versatile, competitively priced cutting of almost any material…

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