Haas VF-3 Vertical CNC Machining Center

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Equipment availability: Q3 2014


Our new enclosed style Haas VF-3 Vertical CNC Machining Center (built using all American-made cast-iron components) is a rugged, medium-sized VMC that yields full reliability and accuracy in a moderately-sized machine. With travels of 40″ X 20″ X 25″ (x,y & z) & 20-station carousel tool changer — this machine was designed for production work.

Quick part turn-around is achieved by reduced setup and tool change time utilizing the 20-station umbrella tool changer.

Rapid movements up to 1,000 in/min and maximum work-piece weight of 3,500 pounds… big jobs anyone?


About Machine Shops

Our Machine Shop is a set of buildings with multiple machine tools/work centers, various other equipment and skilled labour to manufacture and/or repair parts. The production can consist of cutting, shaping, drilling, finishing, etc. We also function as a Job Shop by handling job production as a custom/bespoke or semi-custom/bespoke manufacturing process. Some manufactured parts are manually machined while others are more automated. Automation starts with computer numerical control (CNC) machines and leads to computer-integrated manufacturing where production and production design are integrated into CAD/CAM. [1] [2]


 About Mills

Our new VF-3 is a milling machine tool used to machine solid materials. It can perform a vast number of operations, from simple to complex. Unlike a drill press, which holds the workpiece stationary as the drill moves axially to penetrate the material, milling machines also move the workpiece radially against the rotating milling cutter, which cuts on its sides as well as its tip. Workpiece and cutter movement are precisely controlled to less than 0.001 in (0.025 mm). Milling machines may be manually operated, mechanically automated, or digitally automated via computer numerical control. [1]


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